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What you need to know about Southern Hummer Hire

Your Ride

We are a fully accredited, licensed and insured limousine service. Our limousine is a Krystal 140 stretched H2 Hummer, seats 14 passengers in comfort, has 3 DVD screen, top end sound system, optically enhanced bar with large ice buckets, its black interior is enhanced by lighting for any mood. Weighs in at about 6 tonne and is eight metres long, (plenty of room to party).

What we want for you

We want you to get the most out of your Limo experience. Whether you’re going for a party, a tour or a wedding, we want your great day to begin with us.

Our Goal

To provide you and your friends with an experience that goes beyond a great time. Limo comes with starter drinks – some champagne, beer, soft drinks and nibbles. Our service is relaxed, friendly and professional.

What you need to know

  • A deposit is required in order to confirm your booking. The balance of the payment will need to be paid before departure.

  • If the limo is damaged during a hire, the booking customer will be held responsible and will be charged accordingly for any excess cleaning or damage repair.

  • Inappropriate behaviour (including over-intoxication) will not be tolerated. Said passenger(s) will be removed from the vehicle and, whenever possible, put into a taxi for a safe return home at their own expense. If necessary hire may be terminated with no refund given. These judgements will be made at the driver’s discretion.

  • Pick-up/drop-off needs to be arranged as close as possible to the desired specified location. However, due to the size of the limo, some streets may be too small to navigate. These will need to be identified and arrangements made accordingly.

  • No alcohol is permitted in the limo if passenger(s) below the age of 18 are present. This rule may only be waived if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

  • By law, hard liquor is not permitted in the limo. Mixers will be allowed at the driver’s discretion. Smoking inside the limo is prohibited.

  • Your safety comes first. Every passenger should be responsible for wearing seat belts once inside the limo. Failure to do so may result in injury or fine. By law, seat belts fitted are to be worn, no liability taken for those that do not.

  • Southern Hummer Hire reserves the right to substitute vehicles or fully refund payments due to emergencies and other such unavoidable circumstances. We shall not be liable for injuries or damage to any person(s), company or corporate body.

  • Deposits are not refunded once date booked, if booking is cancelled.

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For Hummer Limo Bookings

phone Glen on 0415 391 818